Pamala gives her talk in Perfect Paradise

Pamala gives her talk in Perfect Paradise

It all started when Mira brought up this topic during one of our chats while sitting around on the rocks in Paradise. I have never heard of these ideas before so I was really keen to find out more about the different behavior types Pamala talks about in her lectures.

In her class intro Pamala says :

“The realities of multiple perceptions by those populating our virtual environment are diverse. This class will examine how it is to BE in world. Divided in three categories… Dissassociative, Immersive, and Augmentative.

How all three are valid methods of Being, but how the interactions played out can be major drama fest. Lets examine how to tell where the avatar you’re talking to is on the sliding scale of BEING…

A good class for those who wish to understand the mental framework of their students, target markets for business, and the psychology of virtual being. And an excellent class as a basis for understanding virtual relationships. “

You can see some of her slides from 2009 here and her video based on these slides here.

Thanks Pamala for the great talk, in fact I’d love to hear it at least one more time – it did give me lots to think about. These thoughts I find quite useful even when applied to RL situations.